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Company Message - Bringing Awareness to Domestic Violence

The Angel House needs donations from the public so that we can raise enough money to continue to purchase tickets for bus, train and plane tickets to assist victims and survivors of domestic violence to reside in a new state so that they may start a fresh new life for them and their children.

Domestic Violence tote bag
Tote bag
Price: $10.00
Domestic Violence T-shirt
Price: $15.00
Royal Purple Evening Tea
This event is Friday, March 16, 2018, 6pm - 9pm at Livonia Senior Community Center, 15218 Farmington Road, Livonia, MI 48154. Here you will get educated about domestic violence and bullying. The panel we tell you about their experiences and answer your questions. Thank you in advance
Price: $10.00
Thriving After Abuse
This class teaches you how to survive after living in abusive situations. It is a six week course. There is a 3pm class or a 6pm class. Classes are held on Mon, Tues, and Wed, pick which class you want for yourself. Classes start Monday, March 5, 2018
Price: $40.00
Domestic Violence Walk
Date to be Saturday 15, 2018 from 8am until 12pm
Price: $25.00
NO More
A book about abuse, No More Love shouldn't Hurt
Price: $10.00
Our goal is to teach and train young women that there is a better way in life other than abuse and living in proverty.

Our vision is to be able to assist domestic violence victims escape their abuser by relocating them to another state to start a fresh new life for themselves.

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